Chairman of the Board
European Health Property Network

Simona Agger is an architect and urban planner who began her career teaching at the University of Venice and then at universities in the US, Canada and lectured in various Universities in Europe. She has conducted studies about the challenges of Venice’s urban situation for Unesco and for the Italian Research Ministry, and she has worked as an expert for the Italian Senate in the preparation of the first “special law” for Venice. In 1979 she published a major book “Urban self management – Planning for a new society” (M.E. Sharpe).

From 1998 to 2005 Simona worked as a consultant with the Company Europrogetti & Finanza, specialized in the promotion and evaluation of development projects for the Regions of the South of Italy co-financed by the European Commission and the Italian Government. In 2002 she was appointed as one of the experts for the Italian Ministry of Health’s ‘Evaluation of Health Investments’ team for evaluation of investments programmes of the 20 Italian Regions and of the major new hospitals financed with National Government funds. As part of a subgroup of 5 experts, she has contributed to a methodology for the ex-ante evaluation of regional health infrastructures strategic planning, now known as ‘MexA’, which has been used to help Italian regions to reduce health service costs without cutting services.

Simona has collaborated with the Sant’Orsola University Hospital of Bologna in the project EcoQUIP, a collaborative, pro-innovation procurement programme which involves six hospitals in Italy, Netherlands, UK, Hungary and Poland. For the Ministry of Health she has participated in several European projects involving many EU Countries and also new member states such as Bulgaria and Slovakia. She has been project manager of the European project IPHEC, of the program “Community Action in the Field of Health” under the DG SANCO and she has been the project manager of “RES-Hospitals- towards zero carbon hospitals with Renewable Energy Systems”, which involved partners from eight EU countries. She also has extensive international working experience having worked as an Architect and Planner in Algeria, Gabon and Senegal, and in the US she has been involved in research for the renewable energy with the Oakridge National Laboratory and at the present time she develops projects concerning energy saving and use of renewable sources for hospitals and health facilities.