Professor, Medical Doctor
First Moscow State Medical University

Olga Safonicheva is Professor, Medical Doctor at First Moscow State Medical University (I.M. Sechenov University). She holds an MBA at the Department of Integrative Medicine, Institute of Post-graduate Education for Doctors.

Her fields of professional works are: Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary approach to the study of brain development and plasticity. Neuromarkers of cognitive control. Modern 4-P medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized and participative medicine.  Medicine of active and healthy longevity.  “Space of Self – Regulation Model “.

She is author of  International educational  technologies  and projects.

Author of 6 patents, more than 100 scientific  and educational works, including 2 monographs.
Member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific  Discoveries  and the European Federation of Neuroscience (FENS). Expert of European Personalized  Medicine  Association  (EPMA).  Representative  of  the  European Commission Project:   “European Innovative Partnership  in Active and Healthy Ageing”.

Scientific coordinator of  the international educational Magister  program “Public Health”, Profile “Personalized  Health Management  and Active Longevity”.