Maurizio Mauri

Maurizio Mauri
Doctor, General Director of the CERBA Foundation
President of CNETO Centro Nazionale per l’Edilizia e la Tecnica Ospedaliera


Born in Milan May 18, 1945 he is a leading international experts on health, design and management of hospitals and health facilities. He is the legal representative of Dott.Mauri SAS, the leading strategic consulting and planning, design and management of hospitals, structures and health systems.

He graduated in medicine and he is specialist in radiology, oncology and hygiene and hospital technology.

He started his activities as a clinician at National Cancer Institute of Milan (INT). He has been interested in organizational and managerial aspects of modern medicine, working closely with Prof. Umberto Veronesi in the INT direction, as Health and Medical Director.

Since 1993 he has developed his activities in the design, construction, start-up and medical care direction of the Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Milan.

From 2001 to 2006 he was CEO (External Commissioner) of the National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa (IST).

Since 2006 he is General Director of the CERBA Foundation (European Center for Advanced Biomedical Research).