Margherita Carabillò

Margherita Carabillò
Progettare per la Sanità – Technicaer Engineering

Architect, specialized in design of healthcare and socio-sanitary facilities sector.

Since 2005 she is Scientific Director of the specialized Journal “Progettare per la Sanità” and communication manager of the Italian society of hospital architecture (CNETO).

A considerable part of her professional education has been dedicated to sanitary and hospital field. She has been actively involved in important projects of development, new design, renovation of existing facilities as senior designer or consultant of important architectural offices or companies.

Thanks to her professional and editorial activity, she has direct knowledge and relationship with hospitals and research centers in sanitary and hospital field, in Italy and abroad as speaker in national and international meetings and congresses.

She deepened her knowledge and skills about design, organizational and management issues that characterize the most advanced healthcare facilities in and outside Europe through several study trip. Those experiences are translated into publications and articles in several specialized journals and in particular on Progettare per la Sanità.

She collaborate with Politecnico di Milano and teaches at the II level Master in Planning, Programming, Design of Hospital and Socio-sanitary Systems.