Magdalena Maierhofer
TUW (Technical University Vienna)

Magdalena Maierhofer works with the Institute of Spatial Planning at TUW. Her particular research interest concerns the field between urban development, health infrastructures, public health and integrated planning. 

Magdalena holds an engineering diploma in architecture from the TUW. While studying urban design at the HafenCity University in Hamburg, she worked for the IBA-Hamburg. Her research in urbanism led Magdalena to field trips to Italy, Macedonia and Turkey. 

Based on her thesis “A Hospital is not a tree – the re-urbanisation of hospital and health” Magdalena has developed the Hospital-City-Continuum, a new take from the planning perspective on the transforming healthcare ecosystem in the context of urban and regional planning. Currently, she examines the different forms of existing, changing and arising healthy places and spaces, including hospitals, PHCs, other healthcare facilities and the spatial dimension of care at homes.