Full Professor
University of Emden, Germany

Jutta Lindert is full professor of Public Health at the University of Emden, Emden, Germany and resident scholar at the WRSC, Brandeis University, USA. Her main research interests are Global Public Mental Health, especially built and social environment and mental health and resilience, violence and mental health, traumatic life events and mental health, and life-course epidemiology.

She investigates pattern of building and urban structures and their impact on mental health. Additionally, she is president of the Section on “Public Mental Health” of the “European Association of Mental Health” (EUPHA). Currently, she is involved in several multicentre research-projects investigating environmental determinants of mental health and resilience trajectories among natives and not-natives.

Before being appointed as Professor of Public Health she worked at different universities in the United Kingdom (Queen Mary & The Barts in London) and in Germany (e.g. Protestant University of Ludwigsburg, University of Bielefeld, Johaennes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz).