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You can buy MILANO CARD at this link in order to use public transport easily. You can reserve 3 different types of MILANO CARD: 24, 48 and 72 hours. This card provides you free public transport and many discounted fares in several attractions, museums, shops and restaurants within Milan city center.

You can buy also ATM CARD for 10 trips (each trip 90 minutes) or TWO DAYS TICKETS at the ATM points in Milan in the subway line:

  • Duomo M1-M3
  • Centrale M2-M3
  • Cadorna M1-M2
  • Garibaldi M2-M5
  • Loreto M1-M2
  • Romolo M2

You can find more informations at this link:

Is the Milan bike-sharing service, that allows you to use a bike to get around the key attractions of the city For more information on the service, how to subscribe and activate your membership card, a map of stations in Milan and real-time bike availability, visit this website: