International Academy for Design and Health

Gunther De Graeve is an international health consultant with a reputation for delivering solutions for the complex issues facing health and health infrastructure.  Gunther is the Managing Director of Destravis, the specialist consulting firm he founded to bring expert advice to clients in health, education and research industries.

Gunther delivers advice to health providers – both public and private, design and construction industry and policy makers including Health Minsters and senior members of government.

In 2017, Mr De Graeve was appointed CEO of the International Academy for Design and Health – The leading global, interdisciplinary knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science & culture.

In his role as CEO, Mr De Graeve has established a strong governance and board responsibilities for the International Academy for Design and Health as a not-for-profit incorporated association with a comprehensive constitution and by-laws. The global Academy manages its global operations through a consultative process under the guidance of the Global Board and regional chapter directorates.

Under the leadership of Mr De Graeve, an organisational strategy was implemented which includes;

  • established a volunteer-based leadership team for the Academy including board & regional chapters
  • launch of the new website as a global knowledge platform
  • established a Global Support team to assist with administration and marketing for regional chapter
  • established regional chapters in conjunction with the chapter Directors -to recognise the contextual differences between global regions.
  • Implemented the Fellowship Program and Mentoring Program
  • Overseeing the organization of the future World Congresses
  • Promoting the urgent need to establish a global “Healthy Building” index