AGA Consulting Sagl

Giulio Altieri was born in north Italy, into a family with a 150-year lineage of architects, engineers and designers. Characterized by a fine Italian design “DNA” and a strong sensibility to sustainable design he looks to improve the quality of any space surrounding the human being and discover the emphatic consequences generated by his projects.

Graduated from the Architecture School of Venice, one of the most important study house in the country in this field. He started his career in Italy but soon enough he was working in China, Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the world. Young Architect with awarded and iconic designs in his portfolio, he believes healthcare should not be a synonymous of pain but rather the opportunity to be born again in a better environment.

As such, his passion is to use architecture to humanize healthcare spaces, transforming them from a mere “cold, isolated, treatment space” into “warm, engaging community ecosystems that allow meaningful, positive  connections among citizens that are pleased to identify themselves with such beautiful and accessible reality”.

Interested and keen in solving social projects at different scale, approaches every project with a holistic view with the final user always in mind, starting by creating a macro vision and at the same timer curating every fine detailing. As such, working on projects with the greatest positive impact has been always the value-driven of his career.

Trust, reputation and competence are the values he believes. Reliability, integrity and persistence are the principles he always lives with when facing challenging situations.

Passionate of nature, figures, shapes, colors, and the beautiful marriage of history and innovative design together, he admires the elegant creations of our ancestors and still believes that the new century can  help and enhance that beauty through technology.