Vice President
nion of French Speaking Architects for Health (UAFS)

Founder of the H Media Press Group, David Entibi is the editor of the “Hospital Partenaire” (2006) and “Architecture Hospitalière” (2011) magazines published in France. He is also the director of the Belgian and Swiss editions of “Architecture Hospitalière” (2013).

In May 2013, he created the “Café des Architectes”, which in 2014 became the Village of Architects within Paris Healthcare Week event. This open-space is dedicated to hospital architecture and engineering, through major European projects and themes that keep busy all health professionals.

He has been engaged worldwide in several universities in the field of Design and Health developing a “Salutogenic Design Program”, in both medical and design institutions.

At the same time, David Entibi organizes study trips for architects, engineers, builders, industrialists and representatives of the most important European healthcare institutions. He led European delegations to Texas (USA), Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil where he gave several lectures about the hospital of tomorrow.

In 2018, David Entibi initiated the creation of the Union of French Speaking Architects for Health (UAFS), an association composed of some of the most experienced european architects in healthcare architecture but also open to other profiles with various expertise (engineers , builders, industrialists,…). As Vice-President of the UAFS, he heads the Communication and Event Committee, a position that allows him to launch the 1st Health Architecture Days organized in Menton and Monaco from 28th to 30th October 2019.