Binini Partners S.r.l

My work:

I work in Binini Partners because it has offered me the opportunity to grow professionally while offering continuous and stimulating challenges which have strengthened my passion for this work.

Here I have found a group of qualified professionals who deal with both important projects and everyday difficulties with great effort, skill and strong team spirit. Working for Binini Partners has strengthened my skills, particularly in organisation and in the various design activities, increasing my skills thanks to a continuous exchange of ideas with different professionals.

My experience:

I was born in 1982 in Montecchio Emilia (RE) and in 2008 I graduated in Architecture from the University of Parma where my course included a year at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquite” in Granada, Spain. Straight after my degree in 2009 I started working as a senior architect in Binini and became a partner in 2012. In 2009 I also passed my professional qualifying exam and in 2010 I was admitted to the professional register of Architects of the Province of Reggio Emilia.

I am responsible for some of the most important architectural projects and I now deal primarily with Hospital Planning & Healthcare, developing the themes of humanisation, sustainability and design centred around people, women, mothers and children.

I have gained considerable experience in the development of architectural design, from the initial concept to the execution phase, for works of great importance, coordinating an impressive team of architects, designers and landscapers as well as dealing with engineering aspects  for the creation of complete, coordinated projects for contracting and realising the projects.

Furthermore, I have acquired great experience as a BIM Manager in the management, use and coordination of team work to create 3D architectural models and in the implementation of BIM in company procedures and project management on shared platforms.

Binini Partners S.r.l.

Binini Partners has over 30 professionals specialized in the design and execution of complex urban planning, architecture,  engineering  and  design  projects.  Its  client  list  is  both  Italian  and  international,  public  and  private.  It provides all aspects of a project,  from feasibility  studies  to final  testing and roll out, adopting an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

It has successfully undertaken a number of high profile healthcare and hospital projects, although it also does a lot of infrastructure work: hydraulic and fluvial projects, internal and maritime navigation, ports, roads and railways, and environmental and territorial protection.

In everything it does, the practice seeks to combine social requirements and design solutions, harmoniously inserting infrastructure into the landscape. Its project approach is built on integration, coordination, reliability and expertise to produce outstanding work that can improve quality of life, health, the environment and the  future of those touched by the projects.

Tiziano Binini

My work:

I founded Binini Partners because I felt the need and the desire to create a great community of design architects, rather than just a company. I wanted a group that would have the skills, the abilities and the organisation to produce high-quality projects that can improve the environment and people’s lives and health, both in Italy and in other countries we may be called to work in.

We are a group of people who can come up with solutions, create forms, spaces, images and landscapes, but also transform them into works, building sites and projects that respect the environment, are sustainable and rigorous and which strive for the well-being of the communities they belong to with a conscious use of available resources. Only with complete, reliable projects can you correctly manage programs, investments, buildings and requalification projects with the ethics of the profession, which is also the base for public and provate ethics that are respectful of clients, objectives, people and the society that uses the projects.

To this end you need, qualified, competent men and women with multidisciplinary, diversified experience and specialisation who can interact, discuss and share ideas with each other every day, promoting a culture of teamwork that multiplies the culture and stories of the individuals.

A group that can design and create complex works and programs that can radically improve a region, a city, a site, a hospital, a host a garden…

A place where young people can enter and grow up with ease, enriching the structure with their refreshing imagination and desire for action. At the same time, it should also be a place that nurtures them, give them tools, means and opportunities, but especially offers them stimulating, concrete prospectives for their professional future.

A community where I can also express creativity and curiosity to face new challenges, the desire to learn and grow from a professional and human point of view.

A space where art and technology cross paths every day, expressing a vision of unity, to form our future.

My experience:

I was born on 14th April 1956 in San Polo d’Enza (RE)  and in 11982 I graduated with honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Bologna. In that same year I passed my qualifying exam and was admitted to the professional register of engineers in Reggio Emilia as number 700.

Since then I have been continuously engaged in designing and creating studies, works and complex programs and have specialised in different sectors such as seismic engineering, safety and fire prevention, hospital building and technology, plumbing and civil protection as well as infrastructure.

In 1996 I founded my own firm, Binini Partners S.r.l, which has become a solid professional structure that is experiencing continuous growth on a national and international level.

Currently I am the President, Legal Representative and Technical Director of Binini Partners and I deal with strategic and special plans, projects and works of excellence in different fields including territory, navigation, infrastructure and social and health architecture, for the consolidation of a multidisciplinary, integrated work method, with an eye for the historical and cultural evolution of themes of interest, but with a view to developing advanced and innovative design solutions and techniques.

Lucia Mosconi

My work:

I started working at Binini Partners because it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It meant training and growth and in time the opportunity has evolved into a solid professional experience.

I love what I do because I believe that the profession plays a social role and working in the health sector, but not just that, means doing real work for people’s well-being and treatment.

We are a consolidated and multidisciplinary team of professionals, built on mutual trust and respect. With passion and professionalism we take an innovative, organic and integrated approach to architectural design. Being part of this team is a great responsibility, but also a source of great pride.

My experience:

I was born in 1976 in Piacenza and, after an experience at the “Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid” for the Erasmus program, I graduated with honours in 2003 from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence.

I have been with Binini partners since 2004 and I am now the head of the Architecture and Design sector. I manage and coordinate, along with the architects, engineers and designers who make up the structure, the most important projects of the company, idea sharing, concepts, executive masterplans, all the way to the executive tender design.

I am an expert in architectural design with a specialisation in hospital techniques and the  integrated and coordinated planning and design of health and support structures.

I also perform research and innovation activities in Italy and abroad, for an integrated and coordinated design of projects ranging from city-planning and architecture to urban, interior and landscape design, aiming for sustainability and quality of living spaces from urban to single building level.