Ann Decock
Workplace consultant

Over the past 15 years, Ann has developed her own vision about what space can mean for people, organizations and brands. For various international customers, she has designed new office environments. Often as a quest for a different way of working or specifically looking for the New Ways of Working concept, Activity Based Work or other Agile workspace concepts, she has created made-to-measure office environments that enhance collaboration within organizations.

Since the beginning of this year, she has been working from her own Design Studio on her vision that space can help people, organizations and brands to grow. Make Room | Give Room is her adagio. By giving people space and making space for people, people can grow to become more resilient, mentally healthy and therefor stronger in life and work. In project teams, Ann’s strength lies in investigating the identity of the organization, its people and its brand.

By identifying the actual space requirements, she ultimately provides a workplace concept that fits the vision/mission/strategy of the organization for which she works. In co-creation with the management, the sounding board groups and the employees, she develops a new working environment and translates the values of the organization into a Program of Requirements with design guidelines that serve as the basis for further design development with the interior architect.

For large renovation projects and new buildings, she monitors the established workplace concept and collaborates with the team of architects and interior designers to design an architectural, healthy space that helps their clients to grow sustainably. For the last ten years, Ann has co-created Ideal Projects, a design and project management firm in Voorschoten (NL). This start-up company grew steadily from 4 to 20 people until 2015, and swiftly up to 35 people in the last two years.

Being part of the company’s strategic team and as a natural leader of the Design Studio, she was challenged and encouraged to develop her own, authentic leadership style. Being a Belgian living in The Netherlands and speaking both Dutch and French, working in a Dutch company has made her very aware of the impact of culture on a work environment and on staff and client dialogues. Taking part in a Your Lab retreat in Umbria has given her new insights for further personal development and the strength to start her own Design Studio.

Ann has since become a member of the European Chapter Board of the International Academy of Design and Health. The academy’s mission is to bring 20 years of research on the impact of the built environment on the health of people from a salutogenic perspective to projects around the world. Building to provide long, happy and healthy lives instead of building to heal. She has taken up Miksang Contemplative Photography in 2017, being inspired by some Buddhist readings. Miksang is about seeing what appears in front of you.