Alexey Danilov

Alexey Danilov – M.D., PhD
Director of Interdisciplinary Medicine Institute, Chief of the Department of Neurology at Sechenov University, Moscow)


Graduated Moscow Medical Academy I.M.Sechenov with a red diploma in 1993.

Chief of the Department of Nervous Diseases at Sechenov University. Besides classical neurological issues the new field of the activity of the department of neurology is research and consulting in creating healthy environment in medical setting (healthy environment for children with autism, patients with Dementia and other neurological disorders, etc.)


Director of Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine (IIM). Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine developed unique educational programs on the principles of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary medicine promoting principles of sustainable development. Institute of Interdisciplinary Medicine is providing research and consulting on new field of Healthy Design and Architecture.

IIM developed the program Smart&Healthy office that includes consulting in creating office environments boosting cognitive activity (increasing productivity) and improving health.


Board member of European Chapter of International Academy for Design and Health (IADH).