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The International Academy for Design & Health

The International Academy for Design and Health is a leading global, interdisciplinary knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science & culture.

Founded by Dr Alan Dilani at the Karolinska Institute, Medical University in Stockholm in 1997 after the successful outcome of the 1st World Congress in Trondheim in Norway, the aim of the IADH is to provide a highly visible global forum for promoting an ongoing international exchange of research findings among scientists, designers, health professionals, industry and Ministries of Health worldwide. We are passionate about health promotion by design and believe that the built environment should empower, support and sustain our health and wellbeing

By providing a highly visible global forum for an ongoing exchange of research findings among scientists, designers and industry, we work in close partnership with our international network of governments, universities and commercial organizations to promote human health.



To foster Salutogenic design to promote health and wellbeing by creating physical environments that support health promotion and thereby healthy societies.

  • To fuel our passion to drive improvement in the quality, safety and value of health and wellbeing through our physical environment;
  • To develop and disseminate knowledge through the promotion of research and professional and clinical practices in the development of our physical environment to improve our health and wellbeing;
  • To promote and participate in the worldwide adoption of Salutogenic environments through the translation of research into practice;
  • To provide a forum for its constituent network to engage and thrive;
  • To provide a platform for education, training, research, advocacy, events, media and publishing activities that improve knowledge, shape thinking, and influence global practices in the design of physical environments.

Our Structure